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September 30, 2013
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 "Why wouldn't I want to spend a day with my son?" Arthur asked, still annoyed.

    "Alright, alright. I'll get going then. Call me if you need anything, and I'll be back later," you said, kissing your son Alfred on the forehead and handing him to his father, and then kissing Arthur on the lips, before walking out the door and to your car.

    You couldn't help but feel a little nervous. This was the first time that you had left your husband alone with your son, and you weren't sure if he knew how to take care of a baby properly yet. Nonetheless, you put the keys into the ignition, started the car, and drove off to do your errands.


    After (Name) had left, Arthur sighed with relief and locked the front door, chuckling slightly. "Where's Mama?" Alfred inquired curiously with the adorable voice that both (Name) and Arthur loved so much.

    "Mummy's gone to do some shopping. She'll be back later," Arthur answered, looking at his son lovingly.

    However, upon hearing these words, Alfred's adorable baby blue eyes began to water. "I want Mommy!!" he wailed.

    "No, no! We'll have none of that! Today it's just you and Daddy, and we're going to have so much fun that you'll forget all about Mum, okay? Now, what do you want to do first?" Arthur reassured frantically, wiping the tears from Alfred's face.

    "Food," Alfred whined, though he smiled at his father's attempt to cheer him up.

    "You're hungry, huh? Well, let's get you something to eat then!" Arthur declared, carrying Alfred to the kitchen. He put Alfred in his high-chair and began rummaging through the fridge for something the baby could eat. By now he was old enough to eat regular food instead of baby food, which made Arthur's job a lot easier. "Okay... What do you want to eat?" Arthur asked, looking at Alfred.

    "Hotdogs," Alfred replied sweetly. Hotdogs were one of the first real foods he'd ever eaten, and they had quickly become one of his favorite meals.

    "Hotdogs, eh? Seems simple enough..." Arthur reasoned, pulling the bag of hotdogs from the fridge and setting two on a microwave-safe plate. Normally, (Name) did all the cooking, but Arthur figured that he could at least figure out how to use a microwave. He read the instructions on the bag, put the hotdogs in, and waited for them to cook.

    When the timer went off, Arthur took the plate out of the microwave, cut the hotdogs up, put some ketchup and mustard on the plate, grabbed a plastic fork from the silver wear drawer, and set the plate on Alfred's tray. Alfred looked at the meal skeptically. "What's the matter? Didn't you want hotdogs?" Arthur asked, afraid that his son wouldn't like his cooking.

    "Not how Mama cuts them," Alfred stated, pushing the plate away and pouting.

    "It doesn't matter how it's cut! It all tastes the same!" Arthur shouted, but softly, so that he wouldn't scare Alfred.

    "Not how Mama cuts them," Alfred repeated, crossing his arms this time.

    "I don't know how your mother cuts them! And right now, she's at the market, so you'll just have to eat it like that!" Arthur ordered sternly.

    "Not how Mama cuts them!" Alfred screeched, flipping the plate off of the tray and spilling the contents on the floor. He giggled in delight at his father's angry face.

    "Alfred!! That was very naughty, you know that!? I don't think your mother would be very pleased by the way you're acting; now apologize!" Arthur commanded angrily.

    "Sowwy Daddy," Alfred said quietly, pouting again. Arthur sighed.

    "It's alright, son. Just be more careful next time," Arthur told him, cleaning Alfred's mess up. He made more hotdogs and tried to remember how (Name) cuts them. After a few minutes of thinking, he finally just cut them in a different way than he did last time and hoped Alfred liked them. He placed the plate back on the tray and watched his son nervously.

    "Thank you Daddy!" Alfred thanked, digging into his meal.

    Arthur sighed with relief. "You're welcome, son."

    After Alfred had finished, Arthur cleaned him off and let him out of his chair. He let Alfred run around by himself while he washed the dishes, which turned out to be a big mistake. After Arthur had finished the dishes and turned around, Alfred was gone. "Oh crap... Alfred, where are you!?" Arthur shouted frantically, dashing out of the kitchen and trying to find his son.


    You checked your grocery list as you walked through the aisles of the store. Milk, check. Bread, check. Bananas, check. Nutella, double check. Tea... Not check. Good thing you wrote it down on your list, or you would've completely forgotten, and Arthur would've had a heart attack.

    When you made it to the tea aisle, something caught your eye. It was the expensive brand that Arthur loved so much, but you couldn't afford to buy it all the time. However, since it'd been a while since he'd had any, and he was doing you a huge favor by letting you get away from Alfred for a few hours, you decided it would be okay to surprise him and buy some.

    Thinking of Arthur, you had realized that he hadn't called you at all since you'd left, or even texted you. You weren't sure if this was a good sign or a bad one, so you decided to call him. The phone rang a few times before Arthur actually picked up. "Hallo, love," he greeted through what sounded to you like a forcefully cheerful voice.

    "Hey babe. Just calling to check up on you. Is everything okay?" you asked.

    "O-of course it is! Why wouldn't it be? N-no Alfred! Don't do that! Aah!!" Arthur shouted. You heard Alfred laughing in the background, then a crash, and then Alfred crying.

    "Uhh... Listen, dear, I gotta go, okay? But don't worry, everything's definitely fine. I've got everything one-hundred percent under control. Don't you worry about a thing. Love you, bye!" Arthur stated hurriedly, and then hung up. You kinda just stared at your phone for a few seconds before returning to your work. Yeah, Arthur was gonna need that tea to calm his headache later.


    When Arthur finally found Alfred, he was hiding under the coffee table in the living room, his mouth full of chocolates that he had stolen from the dish on top of the table. More chocolates were clenched inside his tiny fists. "Hey! Those aren't yours! Come out here right this instant and give them to me!" Arthur commanded. When Alfred didn't listen, Arthur dove under the coffee table and tried to fish him out.

    However, Alfred crawled out of the way, stood up, and made a run for it, screaming the whole time. Despite that he had only learned how to walk about two weeks ago, he was extremely fast. "You get back here right now mister, or you're in big trouble!" Arthur shouted, trying to get out from under the table. He hit his head on the underside of the table. "Ack!" he shouted, rubbing the back of his head.

    Then, the phone decided to ring. "Call from; (Name) Kirkland," said the robotic voice of the caller ID. Oh crap. What do I do now? he thought frantically, racing towards the phone. If I don't answer it, she'll think something's wrong. If I do answer it and she hears Alfred screaming, she'll still think something's wrong! Arthur groaned and finally just picked up the phone. "Hallo, love," he greeted, trying to sound cheerful and hoping he could play everything off like it was fine.

    "Hey babe. Just calling to check up on you. Is everything okay?" (Name) asked sweetly.

    "O-of course it is! Why wouldn't it be?" Arthur lied. That's when Alfred decided to climb on top of the coffee table, giggling hysterically the whole time. "N-no Alfred! Don't do that! Aah!!" Arthur shouted, watching in terror as Alfred fell off of the table, hit his head on the floor, and started crying.

    "Uhh... Listen, dear, I gotta go, okay? But don't worry, everything's definitely fine. I've got everything one-hundred percent under control. Don't you worry about a thing. Love you, bye!" Arthur shouted hurriedly, hanging up the phone and scooping Alfred into his arms.

    "Shh... It's alright, now. It's just a little bruise. Shake it off, then! You'll be fine!" Arthur encouraged, rocking his son back and forth in his arms. "You know, that was your Mum just now. You'll be lucky if she doesn't think I'm killing you right now," Arthur stated, chuckling lightly and tickling Alfred under his chin, which in turn made Alfred laugh as well.

    "Come on, then! Let's clean you up, and then we'll go play outside. How does that sound?" Arthur asked, to which Alfred squealed in delight. Arthur cleaned the chocolate off of Alfred's face and hands, and then changed him out of his ruffled nightgown and put him in actual clothes.

    Arthur carried Alfred to the backyard and then set him down so that he could go play. Unfortunately, he realized too late that it had been pouring rain last night, and the backyard was filled with mud. Arthur screamed involuntarily as, of course, the first thing Alfred did was jump in a huge mud puddle.

    "No!! Not on your clothes!! Auuugh!" Arthur shouted in a high-pitched voice. Alfred laughed, stuck his hands in the mud, and then smeared it all over his clothes. Arthur shrieked again. "C-come here right now! We're going back inside!" Arthur declared, but Alfred had other plans in mind.

    Alfred began rolling around in the mud, and when Arthur came running to him, Alfred got up and ran away again. Arthur chased his son around the backyard for about ten minutes before he finally caught him. Not wanting to get his own clothes dirty, Arthur just grabbed Alfred firmly by the wrist and dragged him inside. "You, sir, are getting a bath!" he ordered.

    As soon as they got inside, Alfred managed to wriggle from Arthur's grasp and run away once again. "N-no!! You get back here this instant!! You're going to get mud all over the house!!" Arthur screeched, running after Alfred.

    Alfred did indeed track mud all over the house. By the time Arthur caught him, he'd completely disregarded his intentions of keeping his own clothes clean and grabbed Alfred, holding him to his chest tightly. He marched to the bathroom, stripped Alfred down, and threw him into the bathtub. He turned the water on, not too cold, and not too hot, and began scrubbing Alfred vigorously.

    It took a good twenty minutes, but finally, he had gotten all of the mud out. He took Alfred out of the bathtub, drained the tub, put a new diaper on him, and then put his nightgown back on. After that, he took Alfred to his playroom and took a few toys out for him to play with. "Okay, now you play with these, and Daddy'll be right back. I just need to change my clothes," Arthur informed, setting Alfred down with the toys.

    That was yet another mistake. When Arthur finished changing his clothes and came back to check on Alfred, the entire playroom was a complete disaster, with toys and buckets scattered everywhere, and Alfred was nowhere to be found, yet again. Arthur groaned and went to find Alfred, again.


    You had finally finished getting all of the things you needed at the store. Your cart was full to the point that it was overflowing, but at least you wouldn't have to go shopping for a while, and you'd gotten to buy some treats that you wouldn't have normally bought. Arthur would be happy.

    As you exited the check-out line, you saw your friend Elizabeta walking towards you eagerly, a big smile on her face. "Hey, (Name)! It's been a while since I've seen you on your own. Where's the baby?" she asked curiously, probably slightly disappointed that the adorable boy wasn't with you.

    "He's staying with his daddy today," you informed, giggling.

    "Ooh, he's a big boy now, is he? Does that mean you can go out with me and the girls on Saturday night?" she persuaded eagerly.

    "Depends on what state the house is in when I get home today," you joked dryly, remembering how Alfred had been screaming when you had last called Arthur. You were sure he was fine, but there was still a pit in your stomach.

    "Haha, well, just give me a call if you decide to come, and I'll give you all the details," she said, winking at you.

    "Aright, I will. It was nice seeing you again," you replied, smiling.

    "You too," Elizabeta stated. You gave her a quick hug before walking your cart out of the store, loading the groceries into the trunk, putting the cart away, and beginning the drive home.


    Arthur had been chasing Alfred around for several minutes now. The house was a mess, Alfred was screaming, and Arthur was about ready to pull his hair out. Finally, he just couldn't take it anymore. He threw himself onto the couch and buried his face in his hands, exhausted and on the verge of tears. Alfred crawled onto the couch and sat next to his father, a worried expression on his face. "Daddy okay?" he asked.

    Arthur opened gaps in his fingers and peered at Alfred through them, his emerald green eyes watering. "Why won't you listen to me? A-am I doing something wrong? A-am I not taking care of you properly? A-am I a terrible father? D-do you hate me? I-I don't understand... I just don't understand..." Arthur whispered, tears slipping down his face.

    Alfred stood up on the couch and tugged on his father's shirt. "What do you want now?" Arthur asked, annoyed. Suddenly, Alfred wrapped his arms tightly around Arthur's neck, and he kissed Arthur on the cheek.

    "I sowwy... I wuv you Daddy!" he whispered.

    Arthur wrapped his arms tightly around his son and whispered "I love you, too, Alfie."


    When you pulled into the driveway, the house was still standing. You took that as a good sign. You pulled your keys out of the ignition, jumped out of the car, and shut the door. You'd get the groceries in a second; you wanted to check on Arthur and Alfred first.

    When you unlocked the front door and stepped inside, it was eerily quite. You couldn't hear anything, and that scared you. "Arthur?" you called, rushing through the house, which was practically spotless, to find your husband and your baby.

    Suddenly, you heard singing coming from the nursery. Quietly, you tip-toed towards the door to see Arthur standing there, rocking Alfred gently back and forth in his arms. Alfred was sound asleep, and Arthur was singing Hush Little Baby to him. When Arthur was sure the baby was asleep, he laid him down in the crib and walked soundlessly out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind him and smiling.

    When he saw you, he jumped, but was careful not to scream so he wouldn't wake Alfred up. "Oh, you're home already?" he asked, slightly disappointed.

    "Yep, and I bought a surprise for you. How was Alfie? Was he good for you?" you inquired.

    "He was a regular angel," Arthur replied, chuckling. Was that a hint of sarcasm in his voice?

    "So... You won't mind if I go out with the girls on Saturday night?" you asked hopefully, wrapping your arms slowly around his neck.

    Arthur looked back at the door to Alfred's room. "No worries, love. I'll have everything under control."
Rose: Crap title won't let me make it longer >.> The full thing is supposed to be Everything's Under Control but meh. A little while back, after seeing the Revolutionary War clip from Hetalia, I went on a kick where my BrOTP was England and Chibi!America. I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to write a Dad!EnglandxMom!ReaderxBaby/Child!America but I didn't have any ideas ;~; I wrote a journal asking people for some ideas, and this was suggested to me by ~Ayano-Otori and boy, am I glad she did :iconteheplz: I never knew how much fun it was to write with a mischievous toddler until now, and I'm not gonna lie, I enjoyed THE CRAP OUT OF IT :D It was so much fun, oh my God, you wouldn't even BELIEVE how much freaking fun it is XD XD XD i need to write something like this again :giggle: Just too much awesome adorableness. So, before I write anything else, I have... Three or four requests that I'm working on. BUT, I still have a crapload of reader-inserts that I wrote on vacation, so no worries about not seeing anything from me for a while. These requests are gonna kill me though. Two of them I have like, no ideas for xD. Ah well, I'll think of something. Hope you all enjoyed reading this as much as i enjoyed writing it!! Don't forget to leave a comment, tell me what you thought, I'm a feedback freak, you know the drill! Love you all! :iconmarikbakurabrohugplz:

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
Cover image found here:…
Fanfic (c) :iconhalostormhybrids:
You belong to :icononionenglandplz:
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